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• Ability to access the upstairs of the home including the bathroom.
• Allows you to stay at home and not have to move to another home or facility.
• Peace on mind with the proper support and equipment.
• Compact seat with flip up armrests and footplate so it doesn’t interfere with other family members using the stairs.
• Swivel seat to ease transfers.
• Remote control features
• Objects sensors in case something is in the way of the seat
• Weight capacity of 450 lbs.


Ceiling Lifts

Comfort and quality
Molift Air 200 combines the need for maximum comfort with efficient and safe hoisting situations. The design and user-friendliness bring an exceptional freedom, which enables a single caregiver to perform daily lifting situations, allowing more time for caring for the individual user. For the caregiver, a better working environment is possible without the need for manual lifting. The user experiences a dignified, safe and comfortable lifting.

The flexible hoist
Molift Air 200 is suitable for sitting and horizontal transfers, as well as standing and gait training situations. It is used with fixed ceiling rails but can also be used for portable free-standing systems.

Molift Air 200 is easy to handle during installation and servicing, due to a very low weight and the clever quick release function.

Molift Air 200 offers flexible solutions such as remote control and possibilities for room-to-room transfer. Add to this the safety features, the large hoisting interval and the multiple range of sling bars. This hoist is the complete solution in all health care

Vehicle Lifts

• Inside lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area with a hoist mechanism that swings outside the vehicle to load and lift the mobility device.
• Outside lifts are attached to the hitch on the back of the vehicle.
• Allows individual to take their power mobility device everywhere they go.
• Designed to fit your vehicle specifications for safety and security.

Vertical Lift

• Ideal for compact spaces such as mobile homes where space is limited or where a raised porch is located.
• Easy to operate by a button so the user can operate independently.
• Weight capacity ranges from 600lbs to 750 lbs to accommodate the patient and the equipment they use. ie; power wheelchairs, scooters, manual wheelchairs.
• Full access to your home without the burden of transferring out of a power or manual wheelchair.

Pool Lifts

The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Admiral™ is an incredibly strong and durable lift. The Admiral™ features a unique, non-rotating design that is for use on in-ground pools and spas. It does not stand too tall and has a very small footprint. This makes it an incredibly solid, durable, and reliable product that blends in with almost any décor.

The 450-pound (204 kg) weight capacity of this lift provides pool access to an even greater number of swimmers. The adjustable seat height also makes this lift easier to transfer for people in taller wheelchairs.

Portable Pool Lifts

The Pro Pool Series, Portable Pro 2 lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to in-ground pools and spas. The design of the lift is reflective of the Ranger™ 2 and Admiral™ Lifts and provides for a safe, smooth, and steady out and down operation into the pool. No anchor is needed; the lift is well balanced and when tipped back for transport, it is easily rolled along the pool deck to wherever you may need it.

This lift will typically function in ground pools where the pool deck is flush with the top of the pool. It does not clear high curbs or walls around the pool.


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