Valley Home Accessibility is committed to providing specialized services that focus on your safety and heighten the ease of access in your home. Our experienced Environmental Access Consultants excel in identifying potential safety issues and offering suitable, professionally installed remedies that enhance the comfort and safety of your home.

We offer a no-cost Home Safety Evaluation, a meticulous procedure that inspects your home and suggests solutions to remove potential threats.
Here are some primary aspects our assessment tackles:

1. Trip Hazards
The assessment begins with detecting common trip hazards like loose rugs or disordered floors. For homes with stairs, which can present challenges especially for those with mobility issues, we propose the installation of our professionally fitted Stairlifts for an effective solution.

2. Accessibility of Doorways and Hallways
Doorways and hallways must be accessible to all, including those using wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers. We evaluate these spaces for accessibility, suggesting solutions like Ramps or Automatic Power Door Openers when necessary, to enable unimpeded movement throughout your home.

3. Bathroom Safety
Bathrooms are areas where slipping risks can be high due to wet surfaces. Our focus lies in placing and installing Grab Bars and Flip up Grab Bars correctly – important safety measures that provide stability and support.

4. Fire Safety
Our evaluation incorporates a thorough fire safety review. We spot potential danger zones such as frayed wires and verify that fire extinguishers are strategically placed for quick access during emergencies.

5. Respiratory and Chemical Safety
We inspect your home for possible exposure to respiratory irritants, toxic substances, and harmful chemicals. By pinpointing risk areas, we assist in reducing potential exposure to these dangers, ensuring a healthier living environment.

The appropriate installation of safety products is as vital as selecting the right ones. At Home Valley Accessibility and Mobility, our team possesses an understanding of physiology and the unique requirements of those with mobility limitations. Our installation services guarantee that each product, from stairlifts to grab bars, is fitted in the most beneficial manner for you.

The suggestions and solutions provided through our Home Safety Evaluation serve a dual purpose – they not only enhance your safety by preventing injuries, but they also improve your overall quality of life by alleviating worries and promoting independence.

We, at Valley Home Accessibility, hold the belief that everyone is entitled to a safe, accessible home. Book your complimentary Home Safety Evaluation today, and let us assist you in constructing a safer, more comfortable living environment.